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Services We Provide

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Functional Medicine

Start feeling better—no prescriptions or side effects required! Functional medicine can help you discover the root cause of your health issues using thorough medical history analysis and lab testing. Then, we can address the issue with a customized plan to improve your natural health. 

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Our holistic nutritionists offer nutritional analysis and guidance so that you can achieve long-term dietary changes to help your body function at its best. If you want to lose weight, increase your energy, promote longevity, or address another diet-related health issue, talk to our certified nutritionists!

3 Steps to a Naturally Healthier You

1. Free Consultation

During this 15-minute consultation, we'll discover if our approach to wellness is a good fit for your health needs and goals.

2. Thorough Evaluation

Our highly-trained team will perform a comprehensive analysis of your health and history. The results will help our holistic practitioners create a customized plan to help you reach your health goals.

3. Effective Implementation

With a personalized natural health plan in hand, we will help you take concrete steps toward whole mind and body wellness.

About Us

At Fast Track to Health, our mission is to educate, inspire, and encourage our patients to improve their health through natural and holistic means. We take an integrative approach to health and healing, and use the best of what Eastern and Western medicine alike have to offer.

We strive to look beyond the symptoms to find the underlying reason why the body is not functioning optimally, and then address it in a safe, effective, non-invasive way that will allow the body to come back into balance. Curious to learn more? Contact us or schedule your free consultation with a holistic health coach.

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What Others are Saying

Stephanie’s knowledge about how to get to the root cause of a chronic health issue is far greater than most in her field. She is a great acupuncturist and a diligent clinician. I highly recommend her.

Glenn G.

Stephanie at Fast Track to Health is A+, #1 for… nutritional response testing. She’s got my wellness in mind! It’s always a pleasure to be greeted by Carol and Rachel. I smile from the time I walk in. Thanks Fast Track!

Jacqueline L.