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After yoga and massage failed to eliminate yet another painful kink in my neck my friend recommended that I try her acupuncturist Stephanie.

I had never tried acupuncture and before Stephanie began, we spent a few minutes discussing my pain and overall health. Besides my neck, I complained that I was just feeling stressed lately from my job and she assured me that acupuncture could help me, and that it works on many types of aliments.

Although, I was nervous, it didn’t hurt and I found the treatment very relaxing. After the first few needles, she placed one into my shoulder. And then, I felt the entire muscle from my shoulder up the back of my neck release. Wow!

For the rest of the day I felt like I had taken a valium. I was relaxed, calm and the pain in my neck was completely gone!

I’m amazed how well acupuncture worked for me and Stephanie was so knowledgable, caring and kind, I would recommend her and acupuncture to anyone. I will definitely be back when I am in the area again.

Maly N.

I have been seeing Stephanie since the spring of 2015 for nutritional counseling. She listens to me and takes the time to understand my individual concerns. I appreciate that she is always prompt, never making me wait and that she takes her time, never making me feel rushed. Her new office is so welcoming and comfortable and her staff is the best. I’m always greeted with a friendly smile! I have seen and felt real results with her guidance and expertise and would confidently recommend Fast Track to Health. Reach out to her if you are struggling with a health issue and looking to find an effective, alternative solution.

Cheryl W.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer ,A friend told me about Stephanie , I went to see her and she told me to eat organic and gave me some natural supplements , I would see her every week and she go over my diet and that would help also to motivate me ,about six weeks later at the time of my surgery my tumor had shrunk in half . Today I went to the cancer Dr, and because I shrunk my tumor , no chemo , when originally i was told six month chemo .Stephanie has touched and changed my life forever , she has great knowledge and is an awesome person.

Johna Jennings

The ladies here are so welcoming and genuinely interested in each patient. Stephanie has helped my daughter (12) with eczema greatly! Her supplements are unlike many we have tried. After trying for many months on our own to clear my daughters skin issue, we went to Stephanie. In 2 weeks we were seeing amazing results! Now I have started seeing her for digestion and endocrine help. Immediately I saw results! I highly recommend her for all your health needs!

Gina B.

I would definitely recommend Fast Track to Health services. Stephanie’s knowledge, professionalism and dedication is outstanding. She treats every patient individually. Nutrition program is awesome. You can also get all kinds of professional, therapeutic massages at the office. And best tea in the area.

Anna M.

Stephanie at Fast Track to Health is A+, #1 for accupuncture and nutritional response testing. She’s got my wellness in mind! It’s always a pleasure to be greeted by Carol and Rachel. I smile from the time I walk in. Thanks Fast Track!

Jacqueline L.

Stephanie’s knowledge about how to get to the root cause of a chronic health issue is far greater than most in her field. She is a great acupuncturist and a diligent clinician. I highly recommend her.

Glenn G.

Carol & Steph are professional yet make you feel like family. The entire staff are always smiling & friendly. I enjoy my acupuncture too.
Audrey F.

I love the Zen ACP treatment, truly the best way to let stress go and sail smoothly through a busy week. Nutrition testing is amazing and Stephanie has me right back on track with a better diet.
Rachel J.

After returning from China, my husband and I found Stephanie/Fast Track to Health. He, most of all, needed help with many issues, and Stephanie was terrific in counseling and generating the help we needed. We continue on this path over a year later; eating organic, taking the supplements and feel 100% better. Thanks Stephanie!
Janice T.

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