Best Diet and Lifestyle for Healthy Adrenals – Adrenal Support Part 2

With all that the adrenals are responsible for, you’ll certainly notice any dysfunction with them. What can you do with your daily diet and lifestyle for your adrenals?

First, you can cut out caffeine. Even if it helps keeps you awake, caffeine can negatively affect your adrenal glands by artificially raising cortisol levels. You should also avoid sugar or anything that turns into sugar since it can be taxing on the adrenals.

Adrenals can wear out from lacking nutrients. As always, you should focus on a whole foods diet with higher fat content and high nutrients in general. Skip the refined and processed foods. Replace iodized table salt with sea salt, which has a lot of trace minerals in it.

For your lifestyle, regular sleep is key. Do whatever you can do increase the quantity and quality of your sleep, whether it’s darkening your room or taking supplements. During the day, you should try to manage your stress with whatever remedies you can, such as exercise, acupuncture, deep breathing exercises, or meditation. The exercise should be kept moderate, since heavy exercise may be too physically taxing.