Heal Your Gallbladder Naturally

Let’s talk Gallbladder.

Not many of us think much about this powerful organ, nor do many of us even know of its primary function, which might be one of the reasons why gallbladder removal is one of the top surgeries performed in the USA today!

Digestive issues are one of the main culprits of gallbladder issues, but other warning signs and causes include obesity, eating a poor (nutrient dense) diet, rapid weight loss, food allergies and possibly genetic factors. Improving your gallbladder’s health can mean improving your lifestyle. By adding in nutrient rich foods, herbs and supplements, your gallbladder can gain the support it needs to function correctly! And ultimately, get you feeling better!

No gallbladder? No problem! In this video Stephanie will also go over ways to support your body back into optimal wellness without the help of your gallbladder.