Functional Medicine

Start feeling like your old self again.

(No prescription or side effects required!)

Functional medicine is an approach that aims to discover the underlying cause of your health issues rather than simply treating the symptoms. This is done by taking a thorough medical history as well as using results from advanced laboratory tests such as blood, saliva, urine, and stool. Once this root cause is known, we can create and implement a personalized strategy to address it. (For example: using proper nutrition, herbal medicine, supplements, lifestyle changes, and detoxification.)

Since we take the time to know your health history in-depth and use more tests than your standard general practitioner might, we often find things they missed or would have addressed only symptomatically.

Imagine this common scenario: You are always tired and have been suffering from sleep issues, anxiety attacks, and digestive issues. You go to your primary doctor, who runs some basic tests and reports he found nothing wrong with you. He may say it’s all in your head or may put you on a prescription, but your symptoms still linger or only get somewhat better. Even worse, you begin to experience unwanted side effects from the medication you were prescribed. 

You then decide to go to an integrative medicine practitioner, who spends well over an hour diving into your health history. He or she runs tests that your doctor doesn’t use at all. It turns out you have an extreme case of adrenal fatigue as well as bowel dysbiosis! Without running the right tests, your doctor missed this diagnosis. Your holistic health coach and nutritionist advises you to make some dietary changes, take daily herbs and/or supplements, and make adjustments to your lifestyle. Within 2 to 3 months, your symptoms start to disappear and you are feeling like your old self again!


Just some of the conditions that are commonly treated by functional medicine include:

Do you specialize in anything in particular?

I can certainly help most people with the things listed above, but areas that I’m most effective with are:

What tests can you perform?

How long will MY HOLISTIC TREATMENT take?

This depends on many factors. First, we must find the root cause, which could take a few visits in addition to thorough testing. The most important part comes next: patient compliance. Are you following the recommendations? How are you responding to them? Everyone is different so it’s hard to gauge exactly how long it will take. Most seem to feel better within a few weeks after making the necessary changes, whereas others may take a few months before things really start to turn around.

This approach only works if the patient is willing to go along with the natural health program. It is not a quick fix nor a bandaid to symptoms. People seek out functional medicine because they are tired of taking one medication after the next and still not feeling better, or replacing their symptoms with nasty side-effects. They are tired of their doctor not fully listening to their concerns or taking the time needed to offer natural alternatives to drugs or surgery. If you are looking for a fresh new approach to deal with your health concerns, don’t hesitate to set up your free consultation at our Turnersville holistic health center now!


Client Testimonials

After returning from China, my husband and I found Stephanie/Fast Track to Health. He, most of all, needed help with many issues, and Stephanie was terrific in counseling and generating the help we needed. We continue on this path over a year later; eating organic, taking the supplements and feel 100% better. Thanks Stephanie!
Janice T.
Stephanie’s knowledge about how to get to the root cause of a chronic health issue is far greater than most in her field. She is a… diligent clinician. I highly recommend her.
Glenn G.