Ion Cleanse Foot Bath

What Is an Ionic Cleanse Foot Bath?

An ionic cleanse foot bath removes toxins and other impurities from your body through the soles of your feet. The device removes pinworms, parasites, mucous, nicotine, and even heavy metals. Those who receive ionic cleansing experience better mental clarity and increased energy after treatments.

The Ion CleansE Process

Ionic cleansing utilizes a foot bath apparatus that includes a bowl filled with saltwater and electrodes that deliver a safe, low-level electric current during treatment. You place your feet in the foot bath for around 30 minutes. The water in the bowl eventually turns the color of rust and develops a marked sludge on top. Those being treated believe that the water changes color because of the toxins being released through their feet. This is a great natural health remedy to complement any holistic medicine plan!


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Client Testimonials

I would definitely recommend Fast Track to Health services. Stephanie’s knowledge, professionalism and dedication is outstanding. She treats every patient individually.
Anna M.
I have been seeing Stephanie since the spring of 2015 for nutritional counseling. She listens to me and takes the time to understand my individual concerns. I appreciate that she is always prompt, never making me wait and that she takes her time, never making me feel rushed. Her new office is so welcoming and comfortable and her staff is the best. I’m always greeted with a friendly smile! I have seen and felt real results with her guidance and expertise and would confidently recommend Fast Track to Health. Reach out to her if you are struggling with a health issue and looking to find an effective, alternative solution.
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