Spring Cleaning Home and Body

Spring is finally here and although the temperatures may not feel very warm yet I am sure many of you are starting to get into spring mode. You are spring cleaning your homes, getting the garden ready, having your yard landscaped, but what about your body? After a very long winter our bodies can also use a cleaning and spring is definitely the best time to do that.

Winter is generally the time when we eat more than we should and eat heavier foods and often gain some weight. We wind up feeling sluggish, affected by seasonal allergies and may even have impaired digestion. All good reasons to take advantage of a spring detox. As you know many cultures partake in some type of cleansing or fasting this time of the year so let that be part of the inspiration too.

A spring detox can take on many forms but we find that a structured 3 week cleanse that allows you to still eat healthy foods works best. In the program we use you get to eat vegetables, fruit, protein from food sources and shakes, healthy fats and plenty of fiber. It also includes the whole food supplements and herbs that help detoxify the body from the inside out. You won’t feel hungry or deprived and will have plenty of support from our staff during your cleanse.

Many report weight loss, increased energy, clearer thinking, better mood, improved digestion and much more. I personally have tried quite a few cleanses over the years and this is by far the easiest and gives me the best results. So are you in?? Do you want to spring clean your body as well as your home??

You can begin the cleanse anytime but we are offering a bonus if you start by May 11, we will add on a free Ion cleanse foot bath to jump start your cleanse.

We have 2 packages to choose from:

  • The Standard 21 day cleanse, for clients anywhere, which includes all supplements, shakes, meal plans and recipes and email support. $299
  • The Upgraded 21 day cleanse, for clients near our office, in addition to the above materials also includes 3 infrared sauna sessions and 3 Ion cleanse foot baths. $399

Call, text, message or email our office today to get started or for more info.

To learn more you can also visit https://www.standardprocess.com/Standard-Process/Purification-Program#.Wtx9YlMvxmA