Why Do We Get Seasonal Allergies & How to Resolve Seasonal Allergies

Allergy season is upon us, so it’s time to understand why these annoying afflictions happen so often.

One of the main reasons comes down to what occurs in the gut, which has a lot of control over your immune system. A problem in the gut can make you much more prone to allergies. A leaky gut is a common gut disorder stemming from stress or bad diets. This leads to a weakened immune system, which then leads to allergies.

Foods with a lot of histamine and a difficulty clearing histamine in the body can also be a problem. You should avoid inflammatory foods, which typically are dairy products, sugar, and alcohol. This varies from person to person. Something to add in your diet is local honey.

In our clinic, we use both supplements and a dietary approach. If you’d like to get your allergies out of the way, let us know and we’ll schedule you an appointment!