Why Should You Detox for Weight Loss?

This is something you should look at if it seems like you’ve tried everything to lose weight, but have failed. Fasting, diet, and exercise aren’t cutting it. Even keto isn’t working. What to do?

Could it be that your body’s not well-equipped to lose weight? If your body is filled with toxins, it may not be properly equipped. Toxins are stored in fat. If your body can’t release toxins properly, that may affect the toxins in the fat as the body may become more reluctant to let go of them.

What is detox? Detox refers to your body getting rid of things that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Just like all bodily mechanisms, detoxification may not always function properly. One factor leading to this may be pesticides in food.

Because of this, it’s advisable to eat as organically as you can in order to lower the pesticides and herbicides in your food. Heavy metals in food can affect the endocrine system as well. At our clinic, we’ll use a sample of your hair to assess your body’s metal levels before we detox them from your body.

Beauty products also contain plenty of unnatural chemicals, which can disrupt our endocrine system. Fortunately, natural beauty products can make a difference. Toxins can be eliminated through sweat, so sauna sessions might be a good investment.

Eliminating mercury can take up to two years. Regardless of the length, it’s still worthwhile to try. At our clinic, we implement a program called Standard Process that includes certain shakes and supplements that help clean out the colon and kidneys, which helps to speed up the removal of chemicals that have built up over time. We encourage this process about twice a year.

What have you done to lose weight? Do you think you may have an issue with toxins? Contact us and we can help.