Why You Should Consider Fasting – Fasting Increases Health

Fasting isn’t just for religious holidays. You can do it for health purposes too!

There are benefits to not eating all of the time. It’s quite safe and effective, unlike what some may say. Fasting to lead your body in a state of nutritional ketosis, which means fat is being burned for energy instead of glucose. Ketones become your main energy source. Clearly, this is a desired effect when looking to lose weight.

Outside the fat burning, fasting can have reparative, therapeutic benefits. After fasting 24 hours, your body goes into a state of repair, such as replacing proteins and healing the digestive system, blood sugar issues, stress mechanism, and inflammation. It can also increase human growth hormone, which can really be helpful if you’re looking to gain muscle.

Watch our video for more details on why you should consider fasting!